Sources for Science Materials

Here are a few (optional) sources for science material shared by Dr. Peter Bartanen and by teachers who have received grants. If you have additional resources to share, please send them to

Hummingbird kits: (robotics kits)

 LEGO Mindstorms (the “gold standard” of robotics kits for 4-8):

Lab-Aids: (these say they’re for middle school but would be good for 4th and up with teacher assistance)

Delta Kits (K-8):

Engineering is Elementary (Boston Museum of Science):

Little Bits Electronics for Education

Vernier: – digital data collection, probes, and lesson manuals  They sell all types of material (this is where I bought microscope supplies), but they also have free downloadable lesson plans.

International Society for Technology in Education Articles

Easy Tools for Using Robotics in the Classroom (ISTE)

Five Stem Tools You Can Use for Any Subject (ISTE)